But is it art?

      I have decided I want to have a conversation with Peckham council. Though not in the normal sense of the word. More of an argument on the street about what is art and what is graffiti. So far they seem to disagree with me that my work is art. A few weeks back, […]

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A Tenacious Love

  This is a video I just made this morning while walking through Peckham. A balloon flew across my head and I just grabbed my iphone and started to record it. It still makes me laugh even though I have been watching it all day. I haven’t edited it at all. See if you can […]

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The Observer.

  Francis Alys’ website says very little about the artist. It simply states “Born in Belgium, 1959. Lives and works in Mexico City.” And then you are left with his videos.  His titles for his performances are called things like “Sometimes making leads to nothing” or “Don’t cross the Bridge before you get to the […]

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A curatorial Project

      3o artists crammed into a relatively small gallery (and fighting for their corner) does’t exactly sound like recipe for success. Minor spats aside, our exhibition at Gasworks went surprisingly well. To anyone reading this who is not an artist, in case you haven’t noticed already, artists are intrinsically selfish. I realise that […]

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Dear Rose

“The street tears from obscurity what is hidden, publishes what happens elsewhere, in secret; it deforms it, but inserts it in the social text” Henri lefebvre A few years ago, when I started my degree at N.C.A.D, I  came across a piece of writing on a wall in Dublin. I guess you could call it […]

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Exhibitions worth a visit….

In between all that relaxing Christmas shopping, why not take a look at some of these shows; The Power of Making at the V&A This is the kind of exhibition  you could force along an uninterested boyfriend to and he would actually enjoy it. A place where painstaking time and effort and astounding skill is […]

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The Turner Prize

Ah the Turner prize. The Oscars of the art world. I didn’t quite dream about it as a kid, mainly because I was far too focused on other important matters like listening to Boyzone’s new album. Besides, the Turner Prize only really came into popular culture with the help of the YBA’s in the 90’s. […]

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Some new art

Here is a little statement I wrote for an application to the Joya residency in Spain. I thought it would be good to add it to my blog. Below are photos of new work too!   “Much of my current practice is site-specific, external and temporary. In the last few years I have naturally found […]

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Tackling Adorno

When we first started college we were given a number of texts to read for future seminars. I was excited to start reading, until I came across Theodore Adorno (cue scary music). His writing seemed almost impenetrable. I spent quite some time re-reading sentences and coming up at a loss! My art theory knowledge could […]

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