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La Joya Residency in Spain

      At the start of the school year we were told about an exciting residency we could take part in in Spain. Of course when you think of spain, you think, sun, beach and cocktails! But this residency, it turns out, is located deep in the mountains of Andalucia. It is billed as […]

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Art for the masses

Our M.A essay deadline is looming. In just three weeks I have to hand it in. Over the last few years I have  dreaded these deadlines. I have often struggled to find an interesting topic – one that has enough information available in the library, while also being something relevant and current. Without fail I […]

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But is it art?

      I have decided I want to have a conversation with Peckham council. Though not in the normal sense of the word. More of an argument on the street about what is art and what is graffiti. So far they seem to disagree with me that my work is art. A few weeks back, […]

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A Tenacious Love

  This is a video I just made this morning while walking through Peckham. A balloon flew across my head and I just grabbed my iphone and started to record it. It still makes me laugh even though I have been watching it all day. I haven’t edited it at all. See if you can […]

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The Observer.

  Francis Alys’ website says very little about the artist. It simply states “Born in Belgium, 1959. Lives and works in Mexico City.” And then you are left with his videos.  His titles for his performances are called things like “Sometimes making leads to nothing” or “Don’t cross the Bridge before you get to the […]

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Dear Rose

“The street tears from obscurity what is hidden, publishes what happens elsewhere, in secret; it deforms it, but inserts it in the social text” Henri lefebvre A few years ago, when I started my degree at N.C.A.D, I  came across a piece of writing on a wall in Dublin. I guess you could call it […]

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