Exhibiting in Dublin

I will be part of a very exciting exhibition this October in Mart galleries, where I will be co-curating with Jill french. The theme of the show will be investigating the boundaries of privacy. The show will be called ‘IMPLICATED’. We will also be holding a talk on the subject in the National College of […]

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Front wall of exhibition

  Last minute I decided to cover my front wall with some of the texts I had collected. I think its a nice introduction to the space. The texts are just a random selection of texts I found and I think work best as a collection as opposed to being individual pieces.  

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Last minute decisions

One of the hardest decisions in setting up a masters exhibition is deciding what work to put in and what to leave out. Because much of my work has been revolved around amassing photos, texts and found objects I had to make some tough decisions.   With a week to go I made my decision […]

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building my degree show!

  Here are a few photos of my space while it was being set up! I  attempted the mammoth task of building walls all by myself! Unfortunately due to college regulations we couldn’t drill in to the floor or the ceiling so everything started off a bit wobbly. Please note there are no men in […]

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The Tutorial (cue scary music)

tu·to·ri·al [too-tawr-ee-uhl, -tohr-, tyoo-] adjective 1. pertaining to or exercised by a tutor: tutorial functions orauthority. noun 2. a class in which a tutor gives intensive instruction in somesubject to an individual student or a small group of students. I can’t deny I have mixed feelings about tutorials. As an art student, your biggest fear is that your tutor is suddenly going to turn around and tell you that everything you are doing is useless, pointless and bad. In reality, tutors aren’t quite so brutal as […]

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Planning out my space

Last week we were given our final spaces for the show. This was both exciting and scary! I was luckily given a space I can manipulate. It was one of the few rooms we can build walls freely in and construct the exact space we want. Because of this freedom I have had to really […]

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