Planning out my space

Last week we were given our final spaces for the show. This was both exciting and scary! I was luckily given a space I can manipulate. It was one of the few rooms we can build walls freely in and construct the exact space we want. Because of this freedom I have had to really think about how and where I will display my work as well as what kind of space I want the viewer to inhabit during the show.

Mark Dion
Mark Dion

This is a question that has come up in recent tutorials. Over the last few weeks my idea has been revolved around creating a museum-like space. This is a tricky thing to get right as there are a number of factors at play. Do I want to veer towards a more “museum of curiosities” type space where everything is bunched together in old wooden cabinets and old fashioned scientific displays. This may include busy wallpaper, carpeting and so forth. this was an option I considered early on. Aesthetically it is an interesting one. I have seen artists doing similar displays to this, like Mark Dion or exhibitions at the Freud Museum. My worry with this kind of display is that the overall installation is the important part, rather than the focus being on the objects specifically.┬áThe other option is more of a clinical format. Similar to bigger museums like the British museum where everything is carefully laid out and preserved in glass boxes.

My work covers a wide range of materials and formats. I have films, photography, objects in glass boxes and other framed items. The danger for me is that the space becomes like a mini-retrospective of everything I did this year as opposed to a museum-like installation. While talking to my tutors in the last few days I am beginning to think I will split my space in two. This means that the first room you enter will be a spot-lit space that will contain my glass boxes and framed objects. Hopefully giving more of a clinical museum feel. Perhaps here in this space I may paint the walls to give that sense of inhabiting a space for the viewer. The next room will be a darker room. I am not totally sure yet what I will be putting in but perhaps some video work and a large photo. The space will have to negate the work but as my tutor Rebecca suggest, it is important for me to really think about what work is important for me to show and what work I can deal with leaving out.

there aren’t many weeks left so I need to get my skates on!

My preliminary drawings for the space
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