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Here is a little statement I wrote for an application to the Joya residency in Spain. I thought it would be good to add it to my blog. Below are photos of new work too!


“Much of my current practice is site-specific, external and temporary. In the last few years I have naturally found myself attracted to the idea of showing art in such a public yet fleeting way.

At the moment a lot of my work is focused on photographs and images and translating them in different ways. Frequent materials I use include, thread, paper, foil and found objects.

I am interested in our sentimental and nostalgic attachment to things and objects. Much of my art is about resurrecting and venerating forgotten thoughts and memories. They are presented in such a way as to not allow me to have any control of their eventual outcome. Many get destroyed by weather, torn down by passersby or simply get worn down by time.

I am exploring ways of translating this work into a gallery space as well. Through archiving, documenting and exhibiting associated objects/thoughts.”



1998, 2011, enlarged print of photograph & wallpaper paste.

 1998 close-up.

Here I used an old family holiday photo. I enlarged it and pasted it onto this wall. After taking a step back it seemed like a window into a secret garden. A forgotten place.





Dear Strangers 2011, Framed photograph & glue.


 Dear Strangers 2011. Framed Photograph & glue.

During the riots, when Brick Lane was boarded up I found this little photo lying on the ground. It was in pristine condition so it had only recently been lost. I decided to frame it and place it back where I found it. It feels like a burial ground for something lost.


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